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We're here to make sure that you feel supported, empowered, and connected throughout your business journey. So that you achieve YOUR version of personal and business success, (minus the overwhelm and isolation).

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Market & Me is a small business consultancy, community and movement for change.

We’re here to support business owners at every stage of their journey. From initial idea, through to achieving their personal definition of success. 

At Market & Me you’ll sharpen existing skills, learn new ones, tackle overwhelm and boost your confidence.  All whilst being welcomed into a community that celebrates wins with you, and supports you during all those moments in between.

Together we co-create a space which fosters growth. Growth as individuals, as leaders, and as business owners. So that mo
re of us get to curate the lives we want to live.



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1:1 Coaching


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Group Coaching


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Ultimately, our aim is straightforward: We’re here to help you shape your business towards your version of success, making sure that you feel supported, empowered, and connected along the way

How It All Started.


Hey, I'm Sophie! Late Spring, 2022 whilst (metaphorically) pulling my hair out I just couldn't shake the feeling that we could and should be doing better.

After 20 years of working in the retail and hospitality industries, and coaching hundreds of businesses, i was p*ssed off. The support I'd received during my career as an employee, and what i had witnessed being provided to the small business owners I worked so closely with, felt lacking, unauthentic and impersonal.

It was time for change. So, with a pocket full of dreams, and some big ideas, I set about building a safe space for business owners to learn, be encouraged and feel confident.  

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15% Off All Items

Meet the founder

"As a small business owner myself, i can tell you first hand that there is no quick win solution to running and building a business. It takes time, consistency and work. Building and running a business can be both incredibly rewarding, and challenging. What it shouldn't be, is overwhelming, confusing or lonely. What i've learnt, is that it doesn't have to be either!" 

Business Strategising & 1:1 Coaching

Like you, your business is unique. That's why everything is tailored to you,
your needs and your goals.

Personalised Support & Guidance
I'll spend time getting to know you and your business - where your pain points are, your past successes, where you want to get to and anything that's holding you back.

Helping You Take Action, Find Clarity & Move Your Business Forward
We'll review your business, hone in to focus areas, and develop a road map to help you move towards. Giving you clarity and a clear sense of direction to help you banish the overwhelm, take action and move forwards.

You Are The Expert Of Your Business
Everything i suggest to you is with the intention to get you closer to your version of success, but no-one knows your business better than you. You are in total control of any steps you take.

Support Anchor & Critical Partner
Sometimes all we need it a friendly nudge in the right direction, a support anchor or someone to bounce off. The work will be done by you, but I'll be on hand to support, power talk and cheerlead you along the way. 

Community & Connection

Having a supportive community to keep you feeling motivated and connected when running and building a business is a game changer. In addition to 1:1 support, you'll have the opportunity to connect with the wider Market & Me community, and all the benefits that it offers.

What sets Market & Me apart is your dedication to tailoring strategies specifically for us. We weren't handed generic solutions; instead, you worked closely with us to develop step-by-step strategies that perfectly align with our unique business needs.

​Your one-on-one support is truly exceptional. It's not just about our business; you recognise us as individuals with distinct goals and challenges. This personalised approach has been an incredible asset to Lula’s Patties.

Laura, Lula's Patties Founder

Learn more about 1:1 support

Together we co-create a space which fosters growth. Growth as individuals, as leaders, and as business owners. So that more of us get to curate the lives we want to live.

Small Biz Community

We're more than just a small business community; we're a positive, growth-focused environment where together, we uplift one another, fuel motivation, gain fresh perspectives, and confront challenges head-on. Including the ones we put in front of ourselves.

Here's What You Can Expect

Monthly Coaching Calls

Tools, Resources & Guides

Exclusive Access to Talks & Workshops
Mixers, Socials & Co-Working Meet Up's

Community Comms - Connecting You To Others
Summer Party & 
End of Year Conference
... and Heaps More

So supportive and helpful, a great tool to help grow your business and network! Courses suited to everyone and a great way to meet like-minded people and gain genuine support. Very impressed!

Chloe, Vey Events Founder

I had a a great workshop from Sophie on different ways to improve sales. She gave lots of useful hints and tips and was really encouraging. I've already signed up for the next one!

Niamh, Founder

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15% Off All Items

Learn more about our community

Together we co-create a space which fosters growth. Growth as individuals, as leaders, and as business owners. So that more of us get to curate the lives we want to live.

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