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Welcome to Market & Me!

A small business consultancy, community and movement for change that's supporting & connecting business owners at every stage of their journey.

Building Real Connections & Sustainable Businesses

 Market & Me exists to provide founders with the tools, confidence and relationships to thrive.

Collectively, we're on a mission to ensure small business owners, like you, feel more empowered and supported in curating the life they want to live. All whilst connecting you to other small business owners in a positive growth mindset environment, all year round.

We believe that business can be fun and collaborative, and that kindness and community are key ingredients to creating the right kind of environment for people to grow, thrive and accomplish their personal versions of success. 

The no.1 way to connect with other small business owners whilst boosting your personal and professional growth, opportunities & development.

How It All Started.


Hey, I'm Sophie! Late Spring, 2022 whilst (metaphorically) pulling my hair out I just couldn't shake the feeling that we could and should be doing better.

After 20 years of working in the retail and hospitality industries, and having spent many years coaching hundreds of businesses, quite frankly, i was p*ssed off.

The support I'd received during my career as an employee, and what i had witnessed being provided to the small business owners I worked so closely with, often felt restricted, unauthentic and/or impersonal.

It was time for change. So, with a pocket full of dreams, and some big ideas, I set about building a safe space for business owners to learn, be encouraged and feel confident. A space where we could come together, champion & support one another, push our boundaries and be empowered to thrive, so that more of us are able to curate the lifestyles we wanted to live.

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Meet the founder

"As a small business owner myself, i can tell you first hand that there is no quick win solution to running and building a business. It takes time, consistency and work. This can mean that it's both incredibly rewarding, and challenging. But what it shouldn't be, is overwhelming, confusing or lonely!

Your Market & Me, Your Way.

I'm a big believer that every business, irrespective of its size, age, budget, or time constraints, deserves consistent access to genuine, personal, professional, and business support and guidance. So that you, can grow with your business and achieve your version of personal and business success (minus the overwhelm and isolation!) in a positive growth mindset space.

That's why we're here to make sure that you feel supported, empowered and connected throughout your business journey.  More than that, we want you to...

Feel able to grow with your business
Be empowered and encouraged to reach your goals,
Have clarity and direction, so that you can move forward and take action,
Feel more confident and able to push out of your comfort zone safely,
Have access to personalised guidance & support,
Feel heard and seen, with less overwhelm and self-doubt,
Be professionally and personally supported, so that you don’t have to walk the journey alone,
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15% Off All Items

15% Off All Items


15% Off All Items


15% Off All Items


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