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1:1 Coaching & Mentorship

Business support that's personal to you, at a frequency that suits your life, business needs and aspirations

Support that fits around your lifestyle, business needs and personal commitments. 

Imagine having a business guru by your side, working with you to overcome hurdles and champion your dreams. That's the kind of business coaching we do at Market & Me.


I don't just give advice; together we tailor strategies to fit your unique challenges and goals in a hands-on, let's-crush-it-together approach! 


From fine-tuning your leadership skills to refining your marketing and operations, I'll become your new work bestie, making the journey to success a supported and exciting adventure!

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Support that fits around your lifestyle, business needs and personal commitments. 

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When Should I Start?

Choosing the right time to work with a business coach or mentor is a personal decision, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer.

While it's never too late to engage with a business coach, I've found that starting early can provide a strategic advantage to your business development, and often saves time, energy and money, whilst helping you achieve your goals more efficiently, and confidently. 

How Does It Work?

Just like a PT at the gym I'll work with you to be the best that you can possibly be.

We'll start with an hour long onboarding call to really get to know you and start working with you to build out a customised coaching plan that clarifies your goals, identifies where you’re stuck and where you want to put more energy, so that together, we build tangible solutions, in bite-sized chunks, that will set you up for success.

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What Areas Will You Help Me With?

  • We'll start by discussing and reviewing your business to date, identify gaps and opportunities.

  • Together we'll develop a strategy to strengthen your business foundations and set you up for growth covering off all key areas, including marketing, branding, finance and operations to name a few.

  • I'll arm you with the tools, resources and guidance to help bring your ideas and dreams to life!

  • We'll team up to tackle areas where you don't feel confident, including networking, pitching and negotiating.

What Are The Benefits?

The list is endless! But We'll share a few!

  • Boosts confidence, 

  • Improves productivity, time management accountability, decision making abilities and leadership skills,

  • Provides goal and directional clarity and objectivity

  • Supports with overcoming business challenges and problem solving

  • Shoulder to cry on (honestly) and someone to cheer lead and celebrate with you (definitely!)

But don't just take it from us! Here's Laura's journey.

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Ready to Get Started? Let's Go!


Got a Question? Read our FAQ's or book in a free discovery call today.

Whether you are just starting up and need help navigating your marketing efforts or have been running your business for a while and are looking to refocus and simplify your strategy - working with Sophie and Market & Me will give you total clarity and save a lot of time!

Every business needs regular fresh eye check ups and a boost of ideas to help keep moving in the right direction.


I absolutely love the objectivity and skilful guidance that Sophie gives you. She nurtures your values and priorities, so you keep growing as your unique self, not a generic version of your original idea. On top of that she is such a fantastic trouble shooter, her input has been invaluable for me! Highly recommend.

Polina Liu
Mean Fit Foxes

Your unwavering support and guidance have been nothing short of transformative. From the very beginning, Market & Me rolled up their sleeves to assist us with the labyrinth of business documentation.

You've been more than a service provider you've been our lifeline. Your mentorship has instilled in us the importance of having a guiding hand. It's not just about business; it's about accountability, progress, and growth.

What sets Market & Me apart is your dedication to tailoring strategies specifically for us. We weren't handed generic solutions; instead, you worked closely with us to develop step-by-step strategies that perfectly align with our unique business needs.

Your one-on-one support is truly exceptional. It's not just about our business; you recognise us as individuals with distinct goals and challenges. This personalised approach has been an incredible asset to Lula’s Patties.

I want to emphasise how profoundly grateful we are for Market & Me's role in our journey. Your unwavering support, both as a company and on a deeply personal level, has propelled us toward our entrepreneurial dreams. If anyone is seeking a dedicated partner in their business venture, look no further than Market & Me. They're not just there for you; they become an integral part of your success story.

Laura Harris Stewart
Lula's Patties


I had a very insightful session with Sophie to help my business grow.


She asked me all the questions to point towards the right direction. It was so nice to empty all my confusion out of my mind and make space to see things clearly. Sophie has a natural gift to open up our potential and help me to explore my own needs and wants so that I can make right decisions with confidence.

Thank you so much Sophie, I’m looking forward to seeing you at our next session!!

Makiko Wood

Bijin Therapy

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