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Feel More Connected to Your Community

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Connect With Like Minded People & Fellow Founders

Be a part of a positive environment that encourages your personal and professional growth


We learn from, & inspire each other.

We collaborate together, and champion successes.

Feel Inspired & Equipped With Industry Hints & Tips

Discover new & interesting ideas for your business. Get to know what's working for others within the industry, find opportunities you may not have considered & learn how to make them happen.

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Share Your Story & Meet A New Audience

We love shouting about the fantastic things our members are doing both within and outside of their businesses.


Whether it's to other members, during our events, or on our social channels. There's heaps of opportunity to connect and share with a new audience to elevate your personal and professional growth.

Accellerate With A Business Coach

Take your personal and professional development to new heights with your very own Business Coach.

You'll receive guidance and support to help you banish to overwhelm and build the lifestyle you want to live.

Image by charlesdeluvio
Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Monthly Events, Workshops & Networking

With heaps of in-person and online events to choose from throughout the year, you're set up for success!


Upskill at our workshops, capture new ideas at our monthly meets, find a new work bestie at our co-working dates, or form new friendships at our mix and mingle events. Whichever you join us for, take your growth to new heights in a positive, supportive space.

Our Parners

There are heaps of brilliant businesses and talented individuals who align with our mission and values. We're super lucky to be able to partner with just some of them, to bring the Market & Me community even morer opportunities, insights and discounts. 

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