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 Laura's Story 

Hello there! I'm Laura, the passionate creator behind Lula's Artisan Patties

My journey began with a simple desire to fill a gap I noticed in the local culinary scene. Dissatisfied with the lack of flavourful and inspired options, I embarked on a mission to craft patties that not only satisfied my own cravings but also celebrated the diverse and delicious offerings found in Caribbean cuisine.

As my culinary skills evolved, so did the concept behind my patties. Despite not being a vegetarian myself, I aimed to create a product that would not only delight the taste buds but also encourage a greater appreciation for vegetables. With a myriad of options available in Caribbean cuisine, I wanted to showcase the vibrancy and variety of these culinary treasures.

The initial journey involved honing my pastry-making techniques until I was satisfied with the quality. The turning point came when I began sharing my creations with friends who quickly became avid fans. Encouraged by their positive response, I decided to take the leap into selling my patties to a wider audience.

When I started out, I was unsure about the direction of my business—whether to focus on veggie or meat options, sell at markets or in shops, or even dream of having my own store.


I joined various business support programs, but the lack of personalised guidance left me feeling lost. Meeting Sophie, the Founder of Market & Me, became a game-changer, providing a soundboard for ideas and practical support that I desperately needed.

Sophie's approach wasn't one-size-fits-all. She listened, understood my creativity, and helped formulate a plan tailored to my business's unique needs. For example, Sophie provided invaluable insights on refining my product line-up to highlight its unique selling points, such as the use of locally sourced ingredients and authentic Caribbean flavours. Additionally, her guidance on crafting compelling pitch decks for retail meetings proved instrumental in securing partnerships with local shops and markets.

The benefits were immense—support for decision-making, emotional backing, and the confidence to take action. Working with Sophie transformed my mindset from hesitancy to independence.

Beyond the business realm, Sophie's support extended to celebrating wins, navigating challenges, and providing a space to share doubts. Our relationship blossomed into more than mentorship, evolving into a friendship where we celebrate victories, work on the next steps together, and provide a supportive space for moments of stress or burnout.

In essence, my journey with Lula's Artisan Patties has been a story of growth, flavourful innovation, and the power of collaboration. I'm excited about the future and grateful for the community that has embraced my passion for creating unique and delicious vegetarian-filled patties.

Laura x

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Hungry for some of Laura's delicious patties? 

Order yours from and continue to follow her brilliant, and inspirational journey at @lulas_patties

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